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Studio MONAD found its first home in a basement of an anti-squat building in 2018. What started as an initiative to offer the dancers of Utrecht an affordable and comfortable space to train, turned into the hub of NEVA. A foundation run by Nina van der Zouwen, Melina Romano, Timothy Akinbile and Sanne van Woudenberg, dedicated to provide a platform for dancers of all backgrounds.

Two years later they moved to a bigger location, opening the studio up for open classes, next to serving as a training spot for b-boys and the utrecht ballroom scene. Not long after also the MAREA training program found it’s footing with us and quickly we outgrew our space.

We wanted to offer our community stability and security and so we moved to our current location in the summer of 2022.

MONAD’s mission has always been, and will always be, to provide our community with a home base where they get to connect, interact and grow, using dance as a tool.



creator // dancer // coach

still trying to fulfil her lifelong dream of becoming a mermaid. can be bribed -very easily- with espresso martinis.

Het Auditie Atelier

initiator // choreographer // educator

A cook in her spare time, will feed anything that moves.
is a big fan of cats, it’s becoming a problem.

MAREA dance company


noun // ˈmɒ næd/ 
from greek μονάς meaning ‘unity’ 

A single unit or entity.
The ultimate element which cannot be divided.
The origin from which all other develops and grows.
The source.


We are a collection of monads, together forming the ultimate unity.
We believe in supporting the individuals in our space to take up their space and embrace their authenticity completely, while always being able to find growth and support with those around them.

“In unity there is strength.”

Location MANAGER


Location MANAGER & CONTENT creator


Location MANAGER & social media manager


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